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We have launched a new NDT method – Eddy Current. This method is unique because quite often the defects that we are looking for are not visible to the human eye (or other forms of visual methods) due to paint or some other coating covering the material. Therefore, inspection methods such as ET – Eddy Current have been developed to detect falws through material coatings.
Our survey department carried out load tests for transport baskets where the required weight was 65 tonnes. We are able to perform load tests up to 200 tonnes and have the availability to use 75 tonnes and 200 tonnes calibrated scales. For these kind of tests we have the necessary personnel, knowledge, equipment and premises.  Load tests can be alternatively be performed buy using hydraulic equipment.
In cooperation with Lithuanian specialist we held a phased array introduction day for all our inspectors. We had a lection and comparison testing in our laboratory and at E-Profiil’s production site. Our aim was to determine the advantages of the new method by comparing it to the traditional UT testing method and gain new knowledge.
Servtec Solutions has started to offer measuring services. Our company has knowledged measuring operator with the most advanced equipment- Faro Laser Tracker Vantage with Cam2 Measure 10.3 software for data evaluation.

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