NDT Services

NDT inspection is one of the most common defects examination methods for constructions without damaging its integrity. At Servtec we are specialised to metalworking and metal production sector, but we are also able to find solutions for other sectors. Our main partners are Estonian leading manufacturers for oil and gas industry who’s customers have high quality expectations.


NDT Application

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Most likely the easiest, least expensive, and probably, if performed correctly, the most effective method of welding inspection for metalworking and metal production sector.


Liquid Penetrant Testing

This is a method which can be employed for the detection of open-to-surface discontinuities in any industrial product which is made from a non-porous material. This method is widely used for testing of non-magnetic materials.


Magnetic particle testing

This is an NDT method used for detecting cracks, porosity, seams, inclusions, lack of fusion, and other discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. Surface discontinuities and shallow subsurface discontinuities can be detected by using this method.


Ultrasonic testing

NDT method in which high frequency sound waves are emitted into the material being inspected. Most ultrasonic inspection is done at frequencies between 0.5 and 20 MHz.


Eddy Current Testing

A method that uses the principle of electomagnetism as the basis for conducting examinations. Main advantages are: detects surface/near-surface defects, immediate results, portable equipment with minimal preparation and has a wide range of usage.

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