New NDT method – Eddy Current is available

We have launched a new NDT method – Eddy Current. This method is unique because quite often the defects that we are looking for are not visible to the human eye (or other forms of visual methods) due to paint or some other coating covering the material.
Therefore, inspection methods such as ET – Eddy Current have been developed to detect falws through material coatings.

Eddy current offers the following capabilities:

  • Sensitivity to surface defects. Able to detect defects of 0.5mm in length under favourable conditions.
  • Can detect through several layers. The ability to detect defects in multi-layer structures (up to about 14 layers).
  • Can detect through surface coatings. Able to detect defects through non-conductive surface coatings in excess of 5mm thickness.
  • Accurate conductivity measurements. Dedicated conductivity measurement instruments operate using eddy currents.
  • Can be automated. Relatively uniform parts can be inspected quickly and reliably using automated or semi-automated equipment.
  • Little pre-cleaning required. Only major soils and loose or uneven surface coatings need to be removed, reducing preparation time.
  • Portability. Portable test equipment is very small and light – weighing less than 2kg.

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